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This page in the www.Richard-Elliott.com web contains links to some photos from my days at Brinsford Lodge, the Halls of Residence for Wolverhampton Polytechnic

and some photos from recent reunions...
  Brinsford Lodge Reunion 2005
  Brinsford Lodge Reunion 2004
  Brinsford Lodge Reunion 2003

The history...
Have a look at the buildings that made up Brinsford Lodge Hostel. Remember what it was like to be at a Brinsford Friday night disco, in 1972. Check out some random photos from 1972 and 1973.
If Friday nights weren't exciting enough, how about the Fancy Dress Disco in 1973? And then there was the Christmas Dinner in 1973 Remember how the hot water ran out at about 2:30 in the afternoon? And finally, a few photos taken mainly at Randall Lines House in 1974.

Richard Moore's excellent Brinsford Lodge website has loads more information.  Check out his updates page to find the newest stuff.  Be amazed at the memories his guided tour invokes.
Feel sad at the present desolate state of the former proud Brinsford.

NEW Check out Wikipedia's Brinsford Page.

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